I need a browser to use when running in 3G due to the fact that its speed in my country is far for nice especially in some areas.

My wish it to have a browser that does not download images, video, ads by default but only text. It should still keep a decent pagination.

Then, if I see an image description that interest me, I would like to click and allow download only that image.

Do you know if does exists a browser with these options?

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    Twidroyd just release an internal browser that does this. You click a tweet with a link and it loads up just the text on the right side. A browser app that did this would be awesome. – Bryan Denny Sep 23 '10 at 13:20

Try using the Opera browser. It compresses the webpages before sending to your phone.

EDIT: Here's a test done by PC World that Engadget featured showing the Skyfire browser being slightly faster than Opera Mini.

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