My Redmi 1s has a battery capacity 2050mAh (BM41). And the upgrade of the phone is Redmi 2 with capacity 2200mAh(BM44).

Can I use this battery if it fits in my device? Will it creates any software problems?


Not Recommended in general

enter image description here

  • These stages are regulated and controlled by the the charging circuit in charger/ in device by firmware files to switch to various stages. Battery capacity is very much integral to this. By replacing with a battery of higher capacity (or extended battery unless OEM approved) charging may less than optimal and therefore the performance or life of battery could be affected

  • Edit: The number of terminals and purpose could also vary ( some batteries have three terminals and some have 4). This would be an issue

  • Your case: There is hardly a difference in mAh so it may not matter at all , if it fits- normally OEMs like Samsung make sure that the batteries cannot be interchanged between devices - can't say about Redmi. The benefit you would get is marginal, so would recommend playing safe and not replacing to avoid any problems

  • And also, it's very important to make sure the voltage level matches. Overvolting the CPU is dangerous, whereas undervolting decreases performance. Mention about that too :) – Gokul NC May 22 '16 at 16:20

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