I installed RemixOS on my Baytrail Tablet but the touchscreen doesn't seem to work properly. It only works in the middle of the screen and the touches are registered 3-4 cm left of the area of touch. I have already tried everything I found by Googling like adding rmmod i2c-hid and modprobe i2c-hid with no luck.

But, recently under OS/BOM configuration in the BIOS I found 6 different options for the touch panel - MSSL, Ntrig, ChipOne, Focaltech, Goodix and Disable. I'd like to try each one of them, but I want rmmod and modprobe to run on every boot automatically.

I tried editing init.sh (in system/etc) with no luck. I am using Windows 7 right now. Can anyone suggest?

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maybe try to add your line of code into the init.sh file under Function_misc line 18

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