I have a Samsung Galaxy 3, around a year old. Recently it started spontaneously rebooting all the time (like every ten minutes). I looked on line for possible explanations, and found sites telling me to delete unnecessary apps that could cause it.

So I looked at what apps I'm running, found lots of things that I didn't know what they are, and turned some of them off. And now - no surprise - things don't work right. Symptoms:

  • When I try to send messages, it (messages) sometimes (not always) immediately shuts down and I can't send them. Sometimes (not always) I can't read them (beyond the first line that shows in the message list).

  • I no longer have phone call logs - old logs are gone, new ones not created.

  • I keep getting messages saying Touch Wiz Home is not working. What is Touch Wiz Home? It is on my list of "all apps" but not in the Running list, nor in the Turned Off list. Same for TouchWiz easy home. What is the difference between them?

  • Almost ever time I get a call, it rings maybe once and then I get a message saying I missed the call. (This may have been happening before as well - I don't get many calls, so I'm not sure.)

I assume I turned off things that I shouldn't have, but I don't know which things. I don't know how to take screen shots on the phone and post them here, but here's a list of things that are turned off:


Best face

Blurb Checkout







Drive (google drive)


Dual Clock (digital)

Favorite Contacts


Google Backup Transport

Google Calendar Sync

Google Contacts Sync

Google Play Games

Google Text-to-speech Engine

Group Play


LogsProvider (that sounded likely, I just turned it back on)

Market Feedback Agent



Multimedia UI Service Layer

S Memo

Samsung Link

Samsung Print Service Plugin

Samsung Push Service

Software Update

Story Album Widget



Weather (that's accuweather, which I thought I'd uninstalled - though it shows 0 bytes, so maybe it's just an icon?)

Can anyone tell me what else I should turn back on to solve these problems? it looks like logs might work again now that I turned it on. I now have the logs predating when I started turning things off, though not those from the past week. Progress, maybe?

Thank you!


p.s. In the interim I put in a different battery, and I don't think I'm having the spontaneous reboot problem any more.

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Turn on all apps names Google

Favorite contacts

Story Album Widget


Multimedia Ui Service layer




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