I'm looking at an MHL adapter provided by Samsung. I have a Galaxy Tab S2 and wonder if this adapter would allow the device to charge up at the same time as mirroring the screen to my TV.

I already have a multi-use adapter with MHL + SD + USB. Unfortunately, connecting micro-USB power to the multi-use adapter does not charge the tablet.

I would like to know if I can charge the device at the same time as using the HDMI connection.

Anyone know if this works?

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The Galaxy Tab S2 (2016, 9.7, Wi-Fi) specs say that there is no MHL support.

(Which exact device version do you have? Have you tested MHL support in the meantime?)


I would like to know if I can charge the device at the same time as using the HDMI connection

Theoretically yes but practically wouldn't help {see edit below)

  • Adapter uses MHL 2 standards which provides 5 V DC/900 mA, same as USB 3.0

Further, it says

MHL passive cable

Passive cables allow consumers to connect an MHL-enabled device directly to an MHL TV and do not require external power. Unlike older MHL adapters and cables, the passive cable simultaneously charges the cell phone battery while mirroring.

  • A typical mobile battery charging (without using fast charging) for a capacity of 3000 mAh requires around 1800 mAh

  • Galaxy Tab S2 has a battery that is either 4000/5870 mAh (depending on the model), which is much more than a normal cell, and it would take real long to charge. It would take 10 / 14 hours respectively (To estimate charging time required , use the Battery Charge Time Calculator)

Note: This is based only on the power calculations part of it. I haven't used MHL / HDMI

Edit: With reference to your comment, if the screen is in use, the power it would draw in all likelihood would be more than charging, so in effect, it wouldn't help at all. See this answer to get an idea of power used in screen on condition

  • "it would take real long to charge" In my case the goal is to avoid running out of battery life during normal use. I think that the 'typical' charging would be sufficient. I can see how I might need 'fast charging' were I to use Street Navigation + Music, or 3D Gaming, etc. May 26, 2016 at 20:22

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