OsmAnd+ 2.3.5

Is there a way of modifying the look of the directions path? There is too much going on there to my liking so I would like to:

  • remove the yellow arrows (not sure what they signify but they obscure the road names)
  • remove the black arrows (they are less intrusive but still obscure road names)
  • change the colour and transparency of the purple path

Directions obscuring every single street name


It still remains a mystery to me where the black arrows are hiding but I found a way to address the two other requirements.

First I went through a renderers primer which prepared me nicely for the task at hand. Once completed the solution turned out to be quite simple, albeit a bit hackish. I also made the fat purple route a little slimmer. For completeness, here is the entire renderer consisting mostly of my comments:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<renderingStyle name="Decluttered directions path" 
    depends="default" defaultColor="#ffffff" version="1">

    <renderingAttribute name="route">
        <!-- for some details on 'whatever_DIGIT' named attributes see: -->

        <!-- strokeWidth="a:b" -> a initial value, b extra when zooming -->
            route described by:         color and width
            skinny arrows described by: color_3 and width_3
            black arrows described by:  ?
        <!-- first two hex digits of a colour specify opacity: 48 ~= 30 % -->
        <!-- disabling skinny arrows by setting opacity to 0 -->
        <case color="#4800cd0a" strokeWidth="10:8" 
            color_3="#00ffde5b" strokeWidth_3="7:6"/>
        <!-- set it up in a similar fashion for the night mode:
        <case nightMode="true" color=.../>


And the before/after pictures:

Before - way too much going on here... After - almost there, just those pesky black arrows...

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