Using win7 64bit.

I downloaded just the commandline tools from; the zip not the installer.

I copied everything to c:\dev\android\sdk\ and ran the SDK Manager and updated everything. When I run> adb version it reports a version of 1.0.32

I installed the most recent droid-explorer, using .. during the installation it asks me to specify the android sdk directory, which it detects correctly as c:\dev\android\sdk\

After installation, I run droid-explorer wherein it states adb version is 1.0.29, minimum supported version is 1.0.31 .. I cannot launch it properly.

I added c:\dev\android\sdk\platform-tools to the Environment Variable PATH but this did nothing.

Any insight in to why the adb version is being incorrectly reported would be appreciated. I tried copying 1.0.31 binaries overtop as well and this did not solve anything.

Thank you.

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