When I try to enable lock screen widgets in my Samsung Mega 6.3 LTE with Kitkat 4.4.2 from Settings > Security it has no "Enable widgets" which was the solution in How do you add widgets to the lockscreen in KitKat? and How do I add a widget to my lock screen?.

How do I enable lock screen widgets in my Samsung Mega 6.3 SGH-M819N?

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Samsung's TouchWiz UI does not allow you to add lockscreen widgets in Kitkat as far as i know. My Galaxy Note 10.1 has the option named "lockscreen widgets" under settings, but its not anything like the stock Android Kitkat concept.

You have to install a custom ROM if you want that functionality. enter image description here


Well, it DOES allow Lock Screen Widgets, I found, if the lock screen security is set to Swipe... instead of Password or other rigorous security options. Still experimenting with security options.

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