it says that internal storage is 8 GB and Ram is 2 GB.But while I can see only usable 3.65 GB internal storage.Where is the remaining memory goes?I am totally confused.Is Ram uses the 2Gb from this total 8 GB internal storage?I uninstall many apps from my phone.But it haven't give any good result.still usable memory get unchanged.Please help me.


You didn't name the device, but that's the usual way manufacturers fool their customers without lying: the storage chip has 8GB, but guess where the OS is installed? Looks like on your device, ~4GB are reserved for this (/system). Then there are other partitions on the very same storage chip, e.g. for /recovery and /cache. What's left in the end is /data – storage space available for apps etc. Those are your 3.65GB.

RAM doesn't play a role in this context, it usually goes to a different chip.

For additional details, please take a look at my answer on Android Folder Hierarchy.


Using a Terminal App, you can see the storage details using comman-line tools:

  • df (short for "disk free") shows you all mounted partitions together with their sizes (and some more details) in an easy-to-read style
  • details about all partitions are held in /proc/partitions, which you could display using e.g. cat /proc/partitions. While being more complete, this is harder to read.

Both commands will display your storage and show where the missing ~4GB have gone to. While df is not that complete, you will hardly notice the "missing parts", as those are usually very small partitions (like /boot and /recovery).


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