I have been trying to open the system.img on my Androidx86 installation to add rmmod i2c-hid and modprobe i2c-hid to it because the touch on my Tablet doesn't seem to work in Android x86. I have already tried to open it with EXT4 Unpacker, but it says Unknown file format when I try to open the system.img.

I am on Windows 7 32 bit right now.

Any suggestions, guys?

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in my experience, use this trick

  1. just install the android os, and boot
  2. open root folder/etc/init.sh and copy init.sh
  3. copy to another location and open using text editor
  4. add rmmod i2c-hid and the modprobe i2c inside the function init_misc , make sure you just place the code and dont edit another code inside it, save in location you wanted
  5. press alt+f1 and type cat /etc/init.sh > /(location you placed the edited init.sh)

sory for my english hope it help you

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