Until recently when I used the default Google search bar and tapped a search result it would open in Firefox. However there must have been an update to either the search bar or Firefox as the results are now opening in a stripped down Chrome window.

This is happening on both my devices (Moto G - 6.0 and Nexus 7 - 6.0.1). Firefox is set to open multiple tabs and other apps (mail and Feedly) continue to open in Firefox.

How can I force the search app to open the results in Firefox rather than Chrome?

  • Perhaps disable Google chrome?
    – xangua
    Commented May 30, 2016 at 20:10

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Google Search uses Chrome Custom Tabs since April 27, 2016. From 9to5Google,

After its most recent update, the Google app now opens search results as Chrome Custom Tabs. [...]

[...]. By default, links from search results now open as a Custom Tab that features a blue action bar with options to Share, Copy link, Find in page, and Open in Chrome.

To change its behavior, open Google app's setting by e.g. tapping Google app from app launcher to navigate to Google Now screen, tap hamburger icon (3 horizontal bars) on top-left to open navigation drawer, then,

Users can go to Settings > Accounts & privacy to toggle off the new ‘Open web pages in app' option if they prefer opening all links the old way.

Related: Prevent apps opening links in Chrome Custom Tabs (i.e. open in default browser directly)


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