I am following this guide to root my Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G360T1(MetroPCS) using TWRP.

What did I wrong:

  • I went into TWRP recovery
  • I pressed on "Reboot"
  • I pressed on "Power Off"
  • A pop up came up saying "Your device is not rooted, would you like to download SuperSu now?"
  • I pressed yes

Phone restarts and now is stuck on metropcs bootup screen and the interesting thing is its vibrating in a pattern... 2 vibrates then 1 after a second later and does that again in 3 seconds.

I did not put SusperSu into the internal memory so im pretty sure thats why its like "Wtf bro, where is SusperSu?"

So how do i get out of this? Help please!!!

  • Are you running Android Marshmallow? – Firelord Jun 1 '16 at 5:56

Getting out of a bootloop

What you want to do is to restore a working system partition.

You have two options available.

Option 1: Flashing a Custom ROM

Your first option is to download a custom ROM on the XDA-developers forum.
Make sure that the rom you've downloaded is for your specific model!
Mount your SDcard and copy your ROM to the device OR use adb and a command prompt to push the file to your SDcard

adb push rom.zip /sdcard

If you have copied the ROM onto your device, go into the Wipe section and wipe the following partitions:

  • /system
  • /cache
  • /dalvik cache

When you are done with wiping, choose Install and select your custom ROM. When done flashing, reboot your device without confirming the root dialogue. ;)

Then you should be good to go with a working system and a pre-rooted ROM.

Option 2: Installing a stock firmware.

Your second option is to flash a stock ROM (samsung). Wipe the following partitions (should be automatically wiped when flashing with Odin but it won't hurt):

  • /system
  • /cache
  • /dalvik cache

You can download the STOCK ROM from sammobile and follow these instructions (which can also be found on the sammobile download page)

Extract (unzip) the firmware file
Download Odin v3.11.1
Extract Odin ZIP file
Open Odin v3.11.1
Reboot Phone in Download Mode (press and hold Home + Power + Volume Down buttons)
Connect phone and wait until you get a blue sign in Odin
Add the firmware file to AP / PDA
Make sure re-partition is NOT ticked
Click the start button, sit back and wait few minutes

After this procedure your device will be stock again.

So which method to use? I would go for the first option because:

  1. You will be running a rooted custom rom
  2. You don't have to reflash a custom recovery.
  3. It should be done quicker

Just reinstall SuperSu the same way but hit NO at the PopUp. It mentions this at the bottom of the install for SuperSU, I missed it at first as well. One love :)


Installing a new ROM just because you toasted your supersu installation is not a a good idea
Before flashing a new ROM which is a lot riskier process [unroot][1] the superSu install.

-Download & transfer the UPDATE-unSU.zip file to your device.
-Boot your device into TWRP recovery.
-Tap the Install button on TWRP main screen » select UPDATE-unSU.zip file » and Swipe to confirm flashing the file.
-Wipe cache/dalvik from TWRP.
-Reboot phone.

I had this issue and did this 1st. As soon as you get lucky go back to TWRP and Backup your ROM - Stock rom 1st. Dont attempt anything before this . I suspect and I am almost certain the superSu failed because the bootloader was locked. 1st unlock the bootloader and then supersu ( assuming you backed up your ROM)


Best thing is to download superuser from chainfires website and flash it with twrp instead of trying to install the super user prompt by twrp. do a factory reset in twrp. hope u dont have important data. cause sounds like to soft bricked your device

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