Is it possible to discover signal strength info for unconnected networks? I want to switch networks if the current signal is weak AND there is a stronger signal available. I have hunted for a relevant plugin to no avail. Thanks


Here is a workaround you could use:

This workaround involves:

  • creating a simple tasker profile which notifies you when an unconnected WLAN with a good signal is detected.
  • creating a notification (flash/blink/notification flash)-as you wish which will alert you when a good signal is available nearby.

    • connecting to a WLAN AP which has been classified as having a good signal

This involves using a %WIFII which shows information on detected WLAN APs ( useful info on mac address, signal strength, broadcast channel etc)


A1:Alert >> Flash (or Notify LED or vibrate). Text: WLAN APs with good signal available Since WIFI signal strength ranges from 1-9 you may define strong signal as those above 5 (its up to you) See screenshot.

Signal scale tasker

Screenshot (click image for larger variant)

A2: Net >> WiFi >> Set-On [If %WIFI~Off]


You can accomplish this by using a WifiNear profile to detect nearby WLAN APs.

In the profile tab, select State >> Wifi Near (You may put additional info for SSID/MAC/Channel if you want to connect to a specific AP) but if you want detection for any access point leave as it is. Also you can leave toggle wifi unticked if "Keep Wi-Fi ON" option is enabled in advanced wifi settings

Note: When any profile has a WiFi Near state, it will do regular scans for nearby APs (roughly every 120 secs default). You may change this in preferences of Tasker


  • Once connected to a WLAN AP automatically, the context scan will be ignored until you move out of range of your currently connected AP.
  • Only previously saved APs are connected automatically since one can't access an encrypted WLAN except that they previously saved the password in the device.
  • I have tried and tested this task and its working, however any suggestions or improvements are welcome – xavier_fakerat Mar 13 '17 at 10:01

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