It seems that the Adam is not fast enough to decode my H264 videos. With some players I get unsync audio, some skip video frames. Even usual PAL size (something around 500x300, far from HD). Ok, Those may have non-basic profile, but I think they are main-profile (most use CABAC, though).

The players I tried include

  • MX Video Player -- best results, but can not keep up with most H264 vids
  • VPlayer -- good results
  • RockPlayer -- often recommended, often tried, no good results.

As you can see, all freely available ones. I would like buy one, If I would know that my videos are handled properly.

Can you suggest a video player that really uses Tegra2 hardware decoding capabilities and therefore will decode the H264 videos nicely?

(Is it important to know that I run Adamcomb on it?)

  • Strange that MX Video Player fumbles. I use that on my EeePad Transformer and it runs just fine, even claiming hardware decoding. Mind you, I'm doing my own encoding: 480p or 576p High Profile at 768kps. – staticsan Jan 20 '12 at 5:41

I first used DicePlayer Trial to verify it worked properly, and the bought the full version, and 720p material works well on my Galaxy Tab 10.1. Give it a try :)


You can get pre-alpha builds of VLC that I have had little issue with playing just about any video format. As I said though, it is pre-alpha. I have tried many other apps, and most worked fairly well, but I also stream a lot of videos over my network after mounting shares to my device and none really worked with the mounted shares. VLC works fine with them.

  • Hm, I tried VLC, screen stays black. I guessed I'd have to wait for 1.0 – towi Oct 21 '11 at 15:52

Since I put Icecream Sandwitch (ICS) in the Adam the MX Player definitely works best for me. It decodes most things I encoded with Handbreak in H/W-mode -- the things it can't, I am not sure why. But even some 720p/H264 stuff I could not play before are now running smoothly.

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