In my residence, there's a network which have many different routers to provide Wi-Fi signal. One of these router doesn't work properly. I can connect to this router, but it can't connect to the Internet through this router. Unfortunately, it has the strongest signal. So, I have to select another router manually. How can I do that?


I know how to connect to the Wi-Fi. My problem is that I have many routers which have the same SSID. But one of the router which has the strongest signal does not work properly. So, I have to chose another router.


One of the SmartCampus does not work. enter image description here

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    Do all those networks share the same SSID (i.e. do they appear using the very same name), or can you tell them apart by the name displayed in your list of available WiFi networks? – Izzy Jun 10 '16 at 9:40
  • So all the routers (or more accurately, access points) have the same SSID and are not on the same network or working properly? You have a network problem, not an Android problem, your network is not functioning properly... if the APwithout internet access should have it, correct it or remove it from the equation, if it should not have Internet access then it should not have the same SSID. Android isn't capable of manually selecting a specific AP from a group with the same SSID. – acejavelin Jun 11 '16 at 3:05

I use an app called wifi connection manager. Do you have physical access to the router? If so, you could goto "advanced" in the wifi menu then use WPS to connect to the router by pressing the WPS button on the router.


Drag the notification bar and long press the wifi icon. Now you can see the list of available wifi. Choose which one you need to connect and then type the password(if exists)

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    I'm not sure whether that's an option. If I read the question correctly, all those routers share the same SSID (and hence appear with a single entry) – otherwise asking for "how to select another router" doesn't seem to make much sense, as it should be pretty obvious. – Izzy Jun 10 '16 at 9:42

It is pretty simple. For this you need an app that shows signal of different router ( or channels). I recommend you this app which is free on play store.
I have tried this app in my hostel. You can see every detail of every router near by you even of same SSID. There you can choose which router to connect.

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