I was concerned that I lost my phone earlier and accessed Samsung's Find My mobile. Having gotten a "not connected to network" message I was concerned. Luckily my phone was in an odd place but when I went back into Find My Mobile, I still got the same message.

After calling Samsung directly I was informed the error was caused because I wasn't connected to wifi. So what happens when I'm out, and not connected to wifi? Is there really no way I can find my device? Location services were enabled, and I was connected to my mobile network. Is there anything working without wifi and over my mobile data connection or just my GPS? I'm running Android 5.0 which had made most apps I find incompatible.

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I may be misunderstanding your question so sorry if I am.

Most Android devices have Google Play Services preinstalled. If you have the Play Store, you have Google Play Services. Assuming you have Google Play Services, you can use Android Device Manager to locate your device. Android Device Manager works on Wi-Fi and Mobile Networks. It is also important to note that this can be enabled/disabled through the Google Settings app (or within Settings iteslf in Android 6.0+). I believe it is enabled by default, but if need be you can enable it by going to Google Settings > Security > Remotely locate this device (should be toggled).

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