I have a sony xperia z5, and I need to transfer five videos, from this phone to my mac, so that I can edit them. Problem is, I don't know how to.

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    Welcome to the Android Enthusiasts! Please start with our file-transfer tag-wiki. The links there should answer your question :) – Izzy Jun 12 '16 at 16:14

You can send emails containing the videos on your phone and then download them on your Mac.

Or you can use bluetooth to share from phone to mac.

Or you can transfer with an app that can connect phone to Mac without USB.

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I would, and do, put Dropbox on my devices. Let it handle the hard work related to the file transfer.

Dropbox for Android from Google Play.

Dropbox for iOS from iTunes.

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Android File Transfer lets you transfer files over USB. That's the "official way" to do it. It's an application you install on your Mac. Details/instructions on how to install and use it can be found on the linked website, where you also can download the .dmg installer file.

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