Previously I have installed CWM as my recovery but then I have flashed the stock rom back. CWM was removed as a result and I can no longer access CWM. I am trying to delete all the backups I made. Ideally I don't want to reinstall CWM.

I tried to find the location of the backups and I came across /mnt/shell/emulated/clockworkmod/backup. Is it safe to remove the files in this directory with adb? Or is there a better way to do it?

/mnt/shell/emulated/ seems to contain a copy of the old files which is different than /mnt/sdcard/.

Note that this is on Samsung Galaxy S3 which the version of the CWM is fairly old.

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Yes. They are just files and can be deleted as normal.

There are probably several symlinks and aliases on your device that all point to /mnt/sdcard/, nothing to worry about there.


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