Forcing "Battery Saver" mode seems to be possible via Settings -> Battery -> Battery Saver -> On using some Lollipop phones, but on my CyanogenMod 13.0-20150316 there is no such option:

Is this possible?

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Another option is setting up a Custom battery saver

According to this source:

The Battery Saver parameter is defined in the Settings.Global class, although you won’t find the documentation on that page as the feature is not guaranteed to be present on every device.

However, a cursory glance at AOSP or by listing all of the available settings on your device reveals that the Battery Saver parameter is defined under the low_power constant. It holds an integer value of either 0 or 1 for “off” and “on” respectively. The trigger level/percent value for Battery Saver is defined under the low_power_trigger_level constant, and this holds an integer value between 1 and 100. By modifying either of these two parameters, we can control Battery Saver ourselves.

Setting the custom battery trigger level involves modifying the low_power_trigger_level constant itself to let the Android system handle enabling/disabling Battery Saver on its own.

Another requirement is , once setup execute:

adb shell settings put global low_power_trigger_level TRIGGER_LEVEL

where TRIGGER_LEVEL is the battery level (between 1-100%) that you want Android to enable Battery Saver.

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You could use Tasker for this:

Using Tasker Battery Saver Mode Task


In tasker, Create a task name it anything e.g TaskerBatterySaverMode.

A1: Task >> If {%state is not set}

For actions to run when the toggle is turned on, use if condition %state is set. For actions to run when the toggle is turned off, use if condition %state is not set

Press back for second action

A2: Code >> Run shell >> { command: settings put global low_power 0 Tick use root}

A3: Plugin >> Power toggles >> Modify PowerToggle state [Configuration: Set current toggle to off]

A4: Task >> Else

A5: Code >> Run shell >> { command: settings put global low_power 1 Tick use root}

A6: : Plugin >> Power toggles >> Modify PowerToggle state [Configuration: Set current toggle to on]

A7: End if

Explanation: When Tasker Battery Saver mode is toggled on using Power toggles, actions 5 and 6 are executed. When toggled off, actions 2 and 3 are executed

You may create a profile to your liking e.g customising battery percentage levels.

Important: Enable external access (Go into Preferences in Tasker. Under the Misc tab, check the “Allow External Access” box).

Set up Power Toggles

  • Launch the Power Toggles app and select Notification.

  • Turn on the notification shade widget by turning the toggle on in the top right corner. You can then select Customize.

  • On this screen, click the Add Toggle button. Select the Custom tab and then click “Tasker toggle”

  • Select your Tasker battery saver mode task (previously created task: TaskerBatterySaverMode). Leave the type as “Single icon”.

Toggle your battery saver mode on and off with ease from notification bar!


enter image description here


  1. [How To] Tasker Battery Saver Mode On Android Lollipop

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