All of a sudden my internally formatted SDCard in Android 6 stopped being recognized. I'd done all the usual things, checked pin connections, checked it for errors, but nothing recognized it, so I ended up forgetting the card and I put in another SDCard as this one likely has errors.

Windows still recognizes it as a valid SDCard and shows the usual Android and LOST.dir but of course no data is available.

Is there away to recover photos from it?


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I'm not certain how a standard "internally formatted" sdcard is partitioned, but it is possible that photos are stored on an alternate partition not automatically mounted by Windows.

From the Windows Disk Management snap-in you can examine the partition structure of that disk (run Win+r and type diskmgmt.msc).

If the mounted partition is the only partition available on that disk you should make a backup image and perform recovery on that image.

If you suspect that the partition table may have been modified by you or some program you can use a tool like testdisk to examine and potentially recover previous partition structure.

To recover files I would recommend foremost (for Linux) or photorec (for multiple platforms).

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