I would like to put Red-light on if no VPN connection is active in my phone. I think the problem is not about choosing the best VPN application here to make VPN connection, but about to find an application which finds if VPN connection is active and affects the front-light of the phone.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S4 gt-i9506
System: CyanogenMod 13, Temasek's unofficial ROM with patches
VPN client: NordVPN


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Izzy's idea about using Tasker for the task in chat

A raw idea (not checked/verified) would be using an automation tool like Tasker and have it shutdown all network interfaces whenever VPN connection "got lost" (of course giving you a "manual backdoor", i.e. if you manually enable networking it shouldn't shut it down immediately again just because no VPN is active ;)


  1. Create VPN profile in Settings > More > VPN
  2. Attach it to Tasker

Feature-request: enable the front light configuration in the VPN menu

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