It began when I accidentally formatted the internal storage with TWRP.

Now the OS can't mount the internal storage and the /storge/emulated/0 directory is missing but when I go to settings -> storage and usb I can see that the internal storage is still there.

I can access my files through /data/media but the apps can't find the directory which is missing from /storage.

I flashed my stock kitkat ROM and it is able to detect and mount it (mounted at /storage/sdcard0) apps can access it as well

What can I do, I flashed multiple ROMs (both cyanogen and AOSP based but they can't find it!)


It may be that it is now located at /storage/sdcard0 since you flashed different ROMs with different configurations as you suggested,

alternately to run the following in emulator ;

mount -w -o remount rootfs /

then ;

ln -s /data/media/0 /sdcard

You can check with ;

ls -l -a /sdcard


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