I saw these two questions:

Can android phones play DVD-format movies over WIFI?


how to watch DVDs on my Captivate

However, neither of these questions address what I would like to do. I have a collection of DVDs I own and have ripped and would like to play on my Android device. I want them to play on my Android device exactly like a DVD -- with menus, etc. I can easily do this on my PC with various DVD playing software (i.e. VLC Media Player). I do not want to convert the file to divx or mp4 or whatever. (as the answers to those questions suggest) I do not want to lose the menuing and the scene-selection, etc. Instead, I want a full 4.5 GB rip stored on my hard drive and I want to "point at that" (and over the network to boot).

Is this possible today?


As far as I know there is no DVD-player software for Android. Nothing that can emulate a DVD experience from a network (or even local) location.

What are you needing from a full DVD experience that you cannot get by transcoding the movie to a portable format? Scene selection? That's really just a way to visually access chapters in the movie. I've used HandBrake to transcode my movies for my Droid X2 while keeping the chapter markers.

If you need things like different languages and subtitles, HandBrake can include those as well into your MP4/M4V output.

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