I Have bought Galaxy Sl - GT I9003 , two days back. Region: India

I have Android

Firmware Version: 2.2.1 , BuildNumber: FROYO.DDKF1

When vere I try to to update the firmware OTA,it gives me message "Connection failed", even if the connection is working for other applications.

And when I try to upgrade from Kies, it shows that, It is the latest firmware available, which is certainly not.

How to upgrade the build - firmware for my device?


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Don't bother using Kies or OTA to update your phone. If you do, you will probably update it in the next decade. (I am curious if OTA worked in someone...)

Just find an appropriate ROM for your phone from a trusted forum (eg XDA) and flash it using ODIN.

  • does it violate the warranty?
    – MalTec
    Oct 24, 2011 at 6:34
  • Yes, if you flash the phone without using Kies warranty is gone...
    – Manos
    Oct 24, 2011 at 10:44

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