I have a BLE device that I am currently programming, and I would like my Android to auto connect to this BLE device, if it is advertising and if it is already paired. I know that it is possible, because I already have a bluetooth device that do such a thing. Is it something that has to be set from the BLE peripheral ? Or from the phone itself ? I am really curious about that, thanks.

  • wouldn't the android device just detect it, recognise the BLE device's address in a scan, and issue a connect request? – Joe Jun 25 '16 at 19:13

AFAIK, Android Bluetooth API does not provide this feature.

I have tried to achieve auto reconnection using BluetoothDevice#connectGatt, with "autoConnect" set to true but it did not work at all.

Like Joe suggested in the comments, I would go for my own implementation, handling both the scanning process and the connection process.

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