I was flashing a custom ROM on my Samsung Galaxy Star Pro and now it is stuck in boot loop.

  • I don't have a backup of my previous ROM.
  • I can not boot into recovery as one of the volume buttons is damaged yet I can boot into odin mode.
  • I tried flashing stock ROM with Odin but it didn't work.
  • Inspite of all that, the phone charges when I connect charger when and it is off.

Can someone help me fixing it? Thanks in advance.

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You've gotten yourself in a pretty bad state. Always, always, ALWAYS do a full backup if you plan to change anything at the phones system!

Which ROM have you tried to flash? Re-check, if it is specifically for your device and a stable build. If it's not, flash the latest stable build for your device instead. If that doesn't work, you could try to flash a different ROM - but without Backup and Recovery I don't know much more you could do.

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