Relevant contents of micro SD card:

437 files in DCIM > Camera directory

  • 177 JPEGs can't be read (HEX dump begins with 0000 instead of FFD8)
  • 138 are damaged (HEX dump includes a series of 0000 bytes)
  • 118 photos are intact
  • 3 videos can't be read
  • 1 video is intact

548 files in LOST.DIR directory

Photos viewed from card in camera or PC yield same results, as do photos copied to hard drive.

Damages to photos include

  • blank pixels, sometimes of a single color
  • chunks of photo out of order
  • chunks of photo missing colors

Are damaged/illegible photos/videos hopelessly munged or can they be recovered?

Here is a sample image that shows all of these problems, along with its thumbnail that I recovered with JPEGsnoop.

enter image description here

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