I have a HTC One M7 that I need to get all the (~1GB) files off. The problem is that the phone restarts after about 10-30sec, so I don't have time to manually copy the files.

Phone Info:

  • USB debugging is enabled
  • the phone is not rooted

The phone restarts even while fast charging and re-calibrating the battery did not help.

I then attempted to download the files to my computer while the phone was off/in recovery mode. The phone is detected in recovery mode on Windows, but I can't get any files off. I downloaded adb but it does not work in recovery mode.

I ran out of options so I was going to factory reset to fix the restarting bug, and then try to recover the data with an android recovery tool.

Since this is inherently risky, I was hoping that a better option to backup the phone would be provided.

P.S. Its not my phone. I know how to back up XD

  • Factory recovery only allow for adb sideloading... Is the bootloader unlocked, if so you could flash TWRP which has a full blown MPT support and USB-OTG capability and you could copy to a flash drive with a $2 USB-OTG cable.
    – acejavelin
    Commented Jun 27, 2016 at 21:43

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So I modified this script to automate file transfer in between reboots:


adb shell ls "$rfolder" > android.files

ls "$lfolder" -1 > local.files

rm -f update.files
touch update.files

while IFS=  read -r q; do
  # Remove non-printable characters (are not visible on console)
  l=$(echo ${q} | sed 's/[^[:print:]]//')
  # Populate files to update
  if ! grep -q "$l" local.files; then         
    echo "$l" >> update.files

Its slow but it works


You can get your files to your computer through ADB push and pull commands.

Steps to perform this

  1. You need to have Android SDK and ADB on your PC.
  2. Connect your device to your phone and thats it

Now you can use ADB commands to pull data from your phone to your PC.


To Pull data from the device you do this

adb pull /sdcard/video.mp4 Users/admin/Desktop

Heres a complete step by step Guide on how to transfer files using adb : link

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