I was wondering, why in my Samsung Galaxy 2 tablet I can't see any rmnet0 interface after executing:

adb shell cat /proc/net/xt_qtaguid/stats


adb shell netcfg

I know this a wifi only device, so, is this maybe the reason behind this?

The device is already connected to internet via my wifi router, I can navigate, see videos, etc etc

But for some reason I only got the wlan0 internal Ip from it, no rmnet0.

Is that a 3G network interface only?

Thanks in advance!


On WiFi, you only have the IP address of your local network, that's completely normal. rmnet interfaces are for mobile data – which would explain why you don't see them on a WiFi only device.

rmnet interfaces are usually associated with cellular connections and usb tethering

from: Android NetworkInterface. What are the meanings of names of NetworkInterface?

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