I have a virtual reality (VR) headset:

How can I change the mode of the phone so that I can use the phone and all the normal phone apps while wearing the VR headset?

In other words I need to switch the phone display between splil-screen (oculus mode) and normal mode. In other words, like for 3D, the display should be split into 2 smaller screens (but identical).

Related info for those who are interested:

It seems that there are a few apps available for watching normal videos in VR mode:

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I don't think that is possible yet, but google is working on DayDream which is gonna do the thing you want soon
If you want to play your normal videos in VR mode, thats possible using this app. (There are quite a lot other apps doing the same thing, but i personally use the one I gave link to)

Heres one more link for 5 Top Videos players to run 360 Videos
Hope this helps :)

  • Thanks for the info, Siddhesh. And it seems that the VaR's VR Video Player you suggested got better ratings.
    – Yster
    Jun 26, 2016 at 19:08

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