I tried many times to install Samsung gear manager in my device(galaxy J5), but after a successful install what should I do?

When I use the app in my phone it gives me this error: check if your phone is compatible or...

My phone Bluetooth and my gear Bluetooth both are on.

Please help me how can I pair these two products of Samsung!

Thanks in advance


According to GSMArena, the Gear S is only compatible with some Samsung phones, not including the Galaxy J5. That page was from a few years ago, but the O2 product page for the Gear S agrees.

As Samsung has replaced the Gear S with the Gear S 2, whose chief selling point is that it additionally supports some non-Samsung phones, they're unlikely to revisit the Gear S software to make it compatible with more phones.

This linked question about an unsupported way of getting the original Galaxy Gear to pair with non-Samsung phones may also be relevant to you.

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