I see similar questions here but none of them refer to being stuck on the language set up screen. I have tried to use ADB driver and Toolkit but I cannot seem to get my pc to recognize device half the time. plus it tells me to put my device on USB debugging mode and how can I do that when I cannot access my device? is there anyway out of this bullshit? honestly, ASUS needs to compensate/make good with the THOUSANDS of customers they have ripped off.

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    Are you trying to solve your problem, or are you just here to complain? If you want a solution, describe your problem fully. In what way are you "stuck"? What goes wrong? What have you tried to do with ADB? – Dan Hulme Jun 30 '16 at 8:29
  • I tried to comment but says I can't because of points/reputation. What I mean by stuck is the screen freezes when it reaches the light blue language set up screen. I have also downloaded and used the WUG tools and it seemed like it was remedied (Because I saw the screen say "Android apps loading" which I had never seen before.) But Again, right back to freezing on language set up. Everything seemed to go well according to the WUG and Nexus toolkit...but it's not. Its a brand new device(never used) – RammsteinNicky Jul 8 '16 at 19:38
  • If it's a brand-new device, why not just take it back to the shop? – Dan Hulme Jul 9 '16 at 12:00

Your bootloader is most likely corrupted. I'd advice you to thus restore the stock rom. Download this tool on your computer http://www.wugfresh.com/nrt/ from this link. Plug in your phone and run the programme. Download TWRP>unlock>back to stock and select softbricked/bootloop

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