On most of my devices I'm able to use the find command to get the full pathname of all the files on the device. However I have two tablets that don't have the find command.

I tried various combinations using the ls command, however, it doesn't output path names. It'll put a directory on line line, then a list of files that are in that directory below the directory name.

The output that I'm trying to get is the same output that you would get using find or locate on the PC.

An example of the output that I'm trying to get is:

This is output from a Tablet that has the find command: adb shell find /sdcard/

/sdcard/backups/.SystemConfig /sdcard/backups/.SystemConfig/.cuid /sdcard/backups/.SystemConfig/.cuid2 /sdcard/backups/system /sdcard/backups/system/.confd /sdcard/backups/system/.confd-journal /sdcard/backups/system/.config /sdcard/backups/system/.timestamp /sdcard/backups/apps /sdcard/EasyVoiceRecorder /sdcard/EasyVoiceRecorder/.nomedia /sdcard/EasyVoiceRecorder/2016-06-16_06-41-10.wav /sdcard/EasyVoiceRecorder/2016-06-16_10-36-12.wav /sdcard/EasyVoiceRecorder/2016-06-16_10-36-17.wav /sdcard/EasyVoiceRecorder/2016-06-16_14-01-15.wav /sdcard/EasyVoiceRecorder/2016-06-17_06-42-20.wav /sdcard/EasyVoiceRecorder/2016-06-17_10-34-25.wav /sdcard/EasyVoiceRecorder/2016-06-19_09-42-31.wav

This is the output using: shell ls -R /sdcard/








I have been looking at other adb commands, but I'm only seeing commands to pull or push files from the device. I'm not seeing a way to just get the full pathname of all the files.

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i found a workaround resolution of mounting the device using adbfs-rootless.

The process is simple. Install the package which is easily build-ed with the two packages from normal distro repositories(the the package's readme):

$ sudo apt-get install libfuse-dev android-tools-adb

then mount with:

$ adbfs ~/mnt

Once mounted the find command from the PC can be used to process the files.

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