I'm interested to know what the most expensive Android app is, as a one-time purchase. Obviously a game where you buy in-game currency can be arbitrarily expensive, and a subscription service can be as expensive as the length of the subscription. Don't include those. I'm looking for the biggest one-time cost, either to purchase an app initially or to "unlock" its full functionality.


There are several. 400$ (or 350€) is the most possible price that you can set for your app in Play Store now therefore no app can be nmore expensive than that.

Look for example at the Abu Moo's apps: Black Diamond. Or Emerald. Or Aquamarine.

But those apps have no functionality (unless you count to functionality impressing your poor friends.

As for the apps that have some real functions, there are Mobile Accessibility US and two different names with the same name: 5-Minute Sports Medicine and 5-Minute Sports Medicine. Each for about $100 or seventy-something euro.

And if you want to have the whole world in your Navigon navigation app it will cost you about $200 (or 160€ if you're in Europe).


There is a Most Expensive App:

Looking for the most expensive app on the Android Market! You've come to the right place. This is a proof-of-concept app, which has been assigned the highest price possible for an APK on the Android Market.

Despite the claims that the app hits the APK threshold for the price, there is also The Most Expensive App Ever, which is more expensive:

Previous most expensive app was $200 but you have a chance to be a proud owner of the world's most expensive android app ever by purchasing this awesome $400 app.

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