I have had an HTC One M7 for a while, and I have wanted to root it but am afraid to brick it (I'm on Verizon). So I bought a Samsung galaxy s3. I would like to know which one is easier to root. I plan to use Cyanogenmod for either one. It is easy for me to change which phone is on the network, I just move the SIM card. They are both verizon phones. I dont really know what unlocking the bootloader is, so i cant say if either of them have the bootloader unlocked. Any help is appreciated.

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Samsungs are generally easier to root in my experience. The samsungs do not require s-off compared to htc's and thus, it is much harder to brick. The popular models like the s3 usually get a lot of support from the developer community compared to something like the HTC m7.

Here are some guides:

S3 Root

HTC m7 Root

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