Found something odd with the Android 6.0 on x86_64 emulator (and possibly others) system images... is it something I'm doing wrong?

When I remount /system and push stuff to it, it's giving me a chance to push stuff at first but then after about 10 seconds it remounts itself automatically read only and stops me remounting it read/write, and just gives me:

# mount -orw,remount /system mount: Read-only file system

until a reboot.

What gives? Has anyone come up against this before and solved it?

It doesn't appear to be the wrong error and I'm out of disk space - it looks OK:

/system 1.2G 783.7M 456.2M 4096



I saw the exact same puzzling behavior. To remedy this, use the -writable-system option when you start the Android emulator.


~/Library/Android/sdk/tools/emulator @<avd_device_name> -writable-system

Issuing adb remount afterward should then allow you to push to /system until you reboot or remount read-only again.

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