Recently started receiving a popup overlay screen from ninaxu.com - Google logo appears behind the overlay screen. Says my Android has 13 virus most likely received from visiting porn sites, however, I have never sought out porn sites (not judging others from visiting those sites, but I wouldn't introduce my phone to such a risk). Anyway, a 2-min count down appears saying the SIM card would be damaged if Googles' antivirus isn't installed. I can't back out when this popup occurs and have to reboot my phone. The first instance of this popup occurred when I clicked on a link from my email subscription to "Mutts." I ran and regularly run, AVG and no virus were detected. Anyone else encounter this problem? Suggestions? Thanks.

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    It's just a scareware popup by suspicious websites/ads. If you didn't follow the link on that popup, you're clean. – Andrew T. Jul 5 '16 at 18:19

You can tell this is nothing but a fake (trying to make you take the bait) by just some basic rules:

  • a countdown: "If you don't act within 2 min, the virus will X". Interesting: How do they know that will happen in exactly 2 min? Nothing but panicking you.
  • the SIM card would be damaged: nonsense. Never heard any malware attacks the SIM card. Or the battery, which those messages often claim as well.
  • "Google's antivirus": Apart from the fact that there is no such app, Google definitely wouldn't chose an approach like that.
  • "13 virus": LOL Name a single Android virus (hint: there is none. Especially not 13. The term "virus" is completely mis-used on the Android platform, most obviously either as a "scare word" or because people are used to that kind of "software" from their Windows machine. True, there's malware – but no virus. Read the Wikipedia article on Computer Virus on this, and take a special close look at the end of the first paragraph: "the defining characteristic of viruses is that they are self-replicating computer programs which install themselves without user consent" (emphasis mine). Malware on Android is usually installed by the user himself)

So after explaining the background, I can only agree with Andrew:

It's just a scareware popup by suspicious websites/ads. If you didn't follow the link on that popup, you're clean.

And you usually get out of that by pressing the back button multiple times, closing the relevant browser tab, or closing the browser altogether.

  • Thanks for the explanation - anyway to keep that annoying popup from popping up? – LittleRedShoes Jul 9 '16 at 14:43
  • Except for not visiting the website that opens it? Unfortunately not, @LittleRedShoes – unless rooting and an effective ad blocker count as options. – Izzy Jul 9 '16 at 15:53

Yeah, get something like that at least once a month. Close the website whenever this appears and reload it. Today I've got the message that I've been selected to maybe win an iPhone or Samsung, if I take part in a Telekom survey. All with the typical magenta Telekom logo.


You can refer to my question and the answer for my question. It worked for me, and one more thing, I found out that sometimes if you request desktop site, the popup or redirect will not happen. (which means that those redirect will only happen if I was using mobile site, at least it was like this in my case)

Hope it helps =)

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