I try to get internet on my phone from my computer without instlling any tools.

My configuration looks like :

mybox -----(Ethernet)------[my computer]------(USB)-----[the phone]

I enabled usb tethering so I have two interface on my computer : eth0 and usb0.

I read How to set up reverse tethering over USB? and I have done :

One the computer:

sudo ifconfig eth0  
sudo ifconfig usb0  
sudo brctl addbr br0  
sudo brctl addif br0 eth0  
sudo brctl addif br0 usb0  
sudo ifconfig br0 up  
sudo dhclient br0

On the phone :

netcfg rndis0 dhcp

After that I have :

IP of rndis0 on the phone :
IP of br0(eth0 + usb0) on my computer :
IP of the box :

When I try to do a ping on the computer and on the smartphone, it works :


But if I try to ping on a domain it work on the computer but not on the phone:

root@hammerhead:/ # ping google.fr
ping: unknown host google.fr

Ok so maybe a dns problem of the smarphone? (I don't believe on it because it is obtain by dhcp and the ping work on the computer):

root@hammerhead:/ # getprop | grep dns  
[dhcp.wlan0.dns1]: []
[dhcp.wlan0.dns2]: []
[dhcp.wlan0.dns3]: []
[dhcp.wlan0.dns4]: []
[net.change]: [net.rndis0.dns2]
[net.dns1]: []
[net.dns2]: []
[net.rmnet0.dns1]: []
[net.rmnet0.dns2]: []
[net.rndis0.dns1]: []
[net.rndis0.dns2]: []
root@hammerhead:/ # ping google.fr

Also, some applications (youtube, chrome) say I'm offline.

Then my questions are : why these applications say I'm offline when I can do ping or another addresses? and why the ping of a domain doesn't work?

Of course, I can give you more informations if you want

EDIT (new information) Also when i delete all rules except unreachable :

root@hammerhead:/ # ip rule show
32000:  from all unreachable

and if I try ping it give me connect: Network is unreachable which is normal. but when i try ping google.com I get ping: unknown host google.com. So a ping to a domain just doesn't reach the 'routing stage'. I can have the same behaviour on a linux machine where /etc/resolv.conf is empty but on my android I get the DNS from the dhcp server of my box. When i connect my phone to my box with wifi it work fine with dhcp...

Thank you

  • just an additionnal remark : when i do ping google.com there is nothing on usb0 (unlike to ping So it seems there is something blockink my ping when it is a domain... – sebastien dontneedtoknowthat Jul 6 '16 at 7:06
  • I solved the dns problem by using ndc. but know I can browse any website with chrome application but youtube application still tells me I have no connection. I don't know why – sebastien dontneedtoknowthat Jul 9 '16 at 13:58
  • Can you tell how you solved the dns problem using ndc? – FirstOne Aug 13 '16 at 20:39

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