A number of friends are using WhatsApp for communication. So I'm thinking about installing it. However when I read the question about its permissions I'm asking myself if there is a possibility to lock down the permissions.

I'd like to do have a solution where some permissions are always allowed, some are always blocked and some are blocked, but can be enabled on a temporary basis (like a popup menu which asks). Is this somehow possible? Do some custome ROMs have such a feature? If yes, which?

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    CyanogenMod has its Privacy Manager, for example. – Grimoire Jul 6 '16 at 12:24

You can try Donkey Guard the Xposed Framework module from which you can manage permission for apps.

DonkeyGuard allows blocking access for any installed application on your phone to the following data separately:

  • device_id
  • phone_number
  • sim_serial_number
  • subscriber_id
  • incoming_call_number
  • outgoing_call_number
  • gps_and_network_location
  • impi_impu
  • cell_info
  • accounts
  • accounts_credentials
  • read_contacts
  • read_call_log
  • call_phone
  • read_calendar
  • receive_sms
  • send_sms
  • receive_mms
  • send_mms - not implemented in alpha
  • record_audio
  • use_camera
  • read_bookmarks
  • wifi_info
  • switch_mobile_network_state
  • switch_wifi_state
  • sim_info
  • network_info
  • android_id
  • access_media
  • read_external_storage - not implemented in alpha
  • write_calendar
  • write_call_log
  • write_contacts
  • write_bookmarks
  • write_external_storage - not implemented in alpha
  • account_authenticator
  • read_sms
  • write_sms
  • read_mms
  • write_mms
  • network_state


Alternative Module : Xprivacy (suggested by @beeshyams)

  • Perhaps you missed the fact at XDA that the module doesn't seem to be supported any more? Suggesting alternate like Xpiracy may be more helpful (haven't checked that lately though) – beeshyams Jul 6 '16 at 14:17

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