While running the play store I am getting the message:

The application google play store(process com.android.vending)has stopped unexpectedly. please try again,

Force close is indicated in box below the message. I'm unable to proceed further. I did try few tricks like clearing the data and cache in play store, but the problem still persists.

My phone details: Android version 2.3.6, model Samsung Galaxy S II, Android 4G, Model no.SGH-T989., kernel 2.6.35.


you can try to install an updated version of play store, it resolved my problem once.

here is a tutorial i wrote about play store issues :

Solutions for the most major play store Problems


Try clearing App data for Google Play Store
Settings >> Apps >> Google Play Store >> Clear Data

And uninstall updates
Settings >> Apps >> Google Play Store >> Uninstall Updates

Then restart your phone

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