I use Samsung's default keyboard for typing. Specifically, I use the Swype-like part of it, SwiftKey Flow.

I recently updated my Samsung Galaxy S5 to Android Marshmallow, and I noticed that a feature I liked about SwiftKey was changed/removed. Previously, when I would swipe across the keyboard to "type" words, if the predicted word was incorrect, I could hit backspace once and that would delete the word.

That is also how my Galaxy S3 worked before I got the S5. When I type on a computer, I hardly ever delete things a character at a time. I delete the entire word with Ctrl+Backspace, and I really liked this type of thing on my phone too.

Following the Marshmallow update, if I mis-swipe a word and hit backspace, it only deletes one letter. This causes me some grief because then I have to hit backspace many times if the word was long, or hold the backspace key and risk deleting more than intended. In addition, I am so used to the previous behavior that I don't realize the word is incorrect, and I keep typing a gibberish word.

Is there a way to reintroduce this feature? Note that this is not the same as this question, and is in fact the opposite thing entirely.

I have tried looking in Samsung keyboard settings under Predictive text, Auto replace, and Keyboard swipe (all that does is let you select SwiftKey Flow, but not change anything about it), but I didn't see anything that lets me change this.

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