i have a bricked device , after 20 hours of flashing and searching , i found that my device lost some mount points here is the the mount points of my device

enter image description here and here is the mount points of a working device (the same) enter image description here

as you can see a lot of mount points are messing:

  • mmcblk0p5 (system)
  • mmcblk0p7 (data)
  • mmcblk0p8 (internal sdcard)
  • mmcblk0p6 (cache)

this is why my device is bricked, i cannot format/mount any of those partitions , and my device is stuck on logo , my friend own the device which is working fine , so how can i extract those from his devices and push them to mine via adb pull and push commands ? or is there any way to restore my mount points

Note : my device is Mediatek mt6589t

thank you very much

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