I'm thinking of switching from CyanogenMod to Copperhead OS. Before I do that, I'd like to clarify some things.

  • I'm using TWRP as recovery. If I just create a standard backup of my current CyanogenMod OS, could I just restore it and it will be as if I never installed Copperhead, if something doesn't work out?

  • Are there any known compatibility issues with Copperhead? More specifically, will the following work:

    • MicroG
    • Xposed
    • Orbot
    • Firewall like AFWall+ / OrWall
    • OpenVPN for Android
  • Will I be able to sideload apks from the Play Store or install apps from F-Droid?

  • Will the fingerprint sensor work (Nexus 6P)?

  • Since I dislike Google and their privacy-invasive business approach, I would appreciate a ROM that sends as little information as possible to Google. What's Copperhead's stance on this / privacy in general?

Any other important things to consider when switching from CyanogenMod?

  • Concerning Copperhead and microG, see e.g. this issue. – Izzy Jul 12 '16 at 15:08

I can't speak on how much info they send or compatibility with apps but if say build on Android 6 then most apps that work on a stock android 6 will probably work.

Twrp on the other hand is very good just back up your phone then if you decide you dont like CopperOS then go to the restore and restore the file. its like you never left. i've done it many times. as for sideloading you can always flash .zip files with twrp on any rom.

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