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When I click links in the Reddit Android app, it brings up Chrome. I want it to bring up Firefox, but it doesn't give me the option.

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I just bought a phone and installed Reddit and Firefox on it. When I click on links in the Reddit web app it brings up Chrome, asking me to accept the Google Chrome Terms of Service. But I haven't used Chrome, I've been using Firefox as my default browser.

I've tried to follow Mozilla's instructions on setting the default browser on my phone, which includes clicking a Clear defaults button, but none of my apps have any defaults to clear. Of my browsers, none has an enabled Clear defaults button. I've painstakingly gone through every app in the phone looking for an app with an enabled button (just in case it was hidden in some "com.blah.blah" app) and found none. The app simply never asks me which browser I'd like to use. It may be the Reddit app itself making a false assumption about the browser availability... anyone care to verify? :)

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You can either uninstall chrome or, if this device came with chrome pre installed you can go to settings>apps, search for chrome and disable it.

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    Ah hah! Now I see what's going on. Reddit uses some kind of in-app browser component to display pages and apparently that only uses Chrome. Now the app displays a blank page and I have to click into options->Open External URL to see a link. Either way, this answered the question, thanks! Commented Jul 13, 2016 at 13:03

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