To summarise the situation, I tried all the steps and quirks to make remote debugging work for a Samsung Galaxy S4, and Galaxy A3, the chrome://inspect page never picks up anything, I tried with different data cables and different PCs, finally, when I tried with a Huawei mobile, it immediately picked up.

The ADB device in Device Manager does not seem to have any issues, it shows under group: Samsung Android Phone

Huawei on the other hand installed Universal Serial Bus devices > ADB interface, which is never active while connecting the Samsung.

What is so different about Samsung? What else does it need?


I finally made it work. Here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2588979

I installed the application and went through the process, then in command prompt, changed to C:\adb, and tried different adb commands, I do not quite know the thing that triggered the change, the ones I tried:

>adb -d
>adb kill_server
>adb usb

That made it work!

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