At the end of a week , I would like to see a log for each connection with a (known) WI-FI network I made with my Galaxy phone.

I automatically connect to different networks.

It would be nice to see the time of start/end connection for those networks I am connected to. This would give me an indication for hours spend at each place.

Anyone knows if this is possible ?


I will answer my own question until someone else shows me another application.

I have found the following one in the market : Wifi Monitor.

Time will tell whether it really does what it promises.

Still, if anyone has got some other software which does this, please let me know !


After trying this app for a week now, I can confirm that it works. When I enter/leave buildings with a known WiFi connection, the start and end of the connections are logged. This gives me an easy although crude way of hour-logging.

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