My problem is similar to that posted by Daniel.

Trying to update after i have uninstalled it to factory version. Tried updating, it downloads and gives an error at the time of update. It gives an error code as 924 asking me to troubleshoot. Please help.

  • It's hard to understand what post you are referring to if you don't link it. But most playstore errors are explained in our google-playstore tag-wiki. Admittedly, your 924 seems to be missing there :(
    – Izzy
    Commented Jul 16, 2016 at 11:12

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According to AndroidPIT, this error usually occurs when trying to download larger applications. The app downloads, but the error message is displayed, saying the installation was unsuccessful do to an error.

As solution, the mentioned post suggests to head to Settings › All › Google Play Store › Uninstall updates. Once you've done this, try downloading the problem app again.

There's also a Youtube video on this issue.

Another article holds two more approaches:

  • simply restarting the device can already solve the issue
  • if not, do the same as described above
  • if still not, at the place described above clear cache and, if that doesn't help, delete data of the playstore app

More advice might be found by a simple Google search :)

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