I have a floating application (a paint pad) which "floats as a window" in the foreground, while other apps are running.

However, when I open some large applications, it is force closed.

What I tried?

  • Rooted my os
  • I made it a system app
  • I added an exception to a memory cleaner (that comes default with miui)

Still it force closes.

How do I reserve some memory to it so that it wouldn't force close automatically?


Open the apk as a zip file and view the AndroidManifest.xml ... Find the line


What is your package name ?

Once you have the package name....

  1. Open System Folder
  2. Open Build.prop as a text document
  3. Add the following code, With 1 blank line at the bottom of the manifest - Important to add the blank line ! otherwise you'll boot loop !


You can also add more apps to keep in memory by adding another line


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