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How can I reliably screen or block callers on a number-by-number basis?

I've been getting calls from a strange number recently, and it's not even a local area call. This caller has called me 20 times, and whenever I pick up the phone I am met with intimidating silence, even if I shout in it.

Naturally, I decided that I had enough, and tried to surf the internet finding ways to block certain phone number. However, the only methods I found were to either:

(1) Call your call service company to block a call,

(2) Install some apps to do it,

Now, I do not want to overcomplicate this situation, and I've had bad experiences with applications... so, any suggestions on how to deal with this?


Try blacklisting the phone no. Long press the phone no. in the Call Logs and select 'Add to Blacklist' option.

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