I want my alarm clock fade to black, but when I touch the screen will display the time. I want to this feature at night when my clock is charging on my nightstand. Is there a way to achieve this type of feature?


For that you can simply use any alarm clock – and enable Daydream with either the digital or the analog clock. That would result in exactly what you're asking for:

ConfigureDaydream DaydreamRunning
Configuring Daydream / Daydrem in action (source: HowToGeek; click images for larger variants)

That's what I'm doing with my "good old Droid²" which serves as nightstand. You can even define how bright that clock should be (it has a special "night mode"). That way you're totally free to use the alarm clock of your choice.

  • That's great, thx! I didn't know Daydream would work that way. – Clay Jul 20 '16 at 20:58
  • Glad you like it! If it fits your needs, please signal that by "accepting" the answer (ticking the check-mark next to it). Btw: That clock in night mode is really very decent (not disturbing at all). Other than you requested, it would be on all the time (think of it as a screen saver) – and when you touch it, it would turn the screen saver off. I still think it's matching what you're after :) – Izzy Jul 20 '16 at 21:01

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